Cycling – Don’t Be Late! (Listening Test, Section 1)

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Listening

 The audio passage for this Listening Test Section 1 can be downloaded on


In Listening Test Section 1 you will be required to complete notes.

Here are some strategies to help you manage the first section of Listening test. You need to get PERFECT score in this part to boost your overall listening band; this is the EASIEST section.

  1. Before you listen, think about who the speakers are likely to be, where they are, and why they are speaking.
  2. Listen to the example to check your predictions about the speakers.
  3. Listen to the words or numbers that you need. Write what you hear or a good short alternative.
  4. Write numbers as figures, not as words, e.g. 19, not nineteen.
  5. After you listen, check that your completed notes make sense.
  6. Check your spelling – you may lose marks for mistakes.


Improve your skills: focusing on speakers

BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THE PASSAGE, study the instructions, heading, notes, and examples for 1-7 THEN answer questions a-d.

  1. Who do you think will be speaking to whom? Why?
  2. Where do you think the speakers are?
  3. Do you think their tone will be formal or conversational?
  4. What kind of information will you have to write?


Now the Questions, 1 to 7


Notes – Clark’s Bicycle Hire

Example               Answer

Type:  ….touring…. bike

Rental: £50 a week or (1) £ ………… a day

Late return fee: (2)£ ………. Per extra hour

Deposit: (3) £ ………. Returnable

Accessories: £5 for (4) ……….: pannier or handlebar type

Free: pump, repair kit, (5)strong ……….

Insurance: included, but must pay first (6)£ ………. of claim

Pay: by (7) ………. only

Taken from IELTS Practice Tests, Oxford

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