Develop a Memory for English

Posted: June 4, 2011 in general tricks, Listening

In the Reading Test, it pays to remember as much as you can of what you have just read, but at least the words can be read again. However, in the Listening Test you cannot go back, and the tape is only played once. If the answer comes before the keyword/phrase, your memory of what you have just heard is even more important. Nevertheless, the answer usually follows the keywords/phrases that you hear, and is close in time to the main keyword/phrase you are listening for.

To improve your “English memory”, try the following exercise. Using the pause button on the tape recorder (now we use mp3 player, iPod, or Windows Media Player that makes this even easier!), repeat the sentences spoken in the (any) audio passages (you can use songs too, or English movies with subtitles), gradually increasing the length of what you repeat. Do not worry about repeating the exact words. Simply aim to remember more of what you have heard.

Good Luck!

Taken from 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – academic module

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