The Answer is in the Question Itself

Posted: June 8, 2011 in general tricks, Listening, Reading

The keywords or keyphrases in the questions help you in your search for the answers. This is true for both the Listening and Reading Sub-tests. First, you must choose which word or phrase to listen for on the tape, or search for in the reading passages. There may be more than one keyword or keyword phrase in a question, and they can be placed before or after the answer. For example:

Witnesses told reporters that they heard the lorry sound the (19) ………. moments before it collided with traffic …

Since topic keywords and keyphrases are heard or read some time before or after the answer is found, they are similar in function to street signposts; they can point forwards to where you are going or back to where you came from.We refer teferred to as signpost keywords/phrases because they point to where the answer can be found. Other keywords are very close to the answer  and often form part of the answer phrase. Here, they are referred to as destination keywords/phrases.
In the Example, the signpost keywords to listen for are “witnesses”, “heard”, and “lorry”. The destination keyphrase is “sound the…”. You should also be aware of when this event occurred; that is, something was heard before the lorry collided with traffic. Note that the signpost keyword (in this case “witnesses “) is usually heard a short time before the
answer is given, and tells you that the answer is coming.
You may not hear (or find in a reading passage) all the keywords or keyphrases; you may instead hear (or read) words with the same or similar meaning.
You should be aware that flexibility is most important when dealing with keywords. Circle the important keywor

ds or phrases before you listen or search for the answer

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